Upcoming Events

Sustainable House Day


Sunday 17th September 2017, 9.30 am to 3:30 pm.


Buildings open at Western Sydney University, Hawkesbury Campus, Richmond - Hawkesbury EarthCare and The Secret Garden (the buildings are a five minute drive from each other)


Hawkesbury EarthCare - Cnr Cattle Rd and Campus Drive, Richmond

Features a solar passive community building and extensive permaculture gardens; demonstrates sustainability options in domestic and commercial construction. There are walls of rammed earth, mud brick and straw bale. The interior is finished in a combination of rendered mud and plasterboard with ceilings of straw panel. Other features include a composting toilet, solar power system, an outdoor mud brick pizza oven, recycled timber slab kitchen benches and extensive permaculture gardens. The centre is managed by Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA). 



HDRA and the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) will each have a stall and members will be available to answer your questions and conduct tours. Plants, seeds and books will be on sale. Information: info@earthcare.org.au


The Secret Garden – Clydesdale Lane

Earth building using minimal cement, including a cob construction pizza oven. Receive advice on BASIX along with Earth Building (Earth Builders Association) and architecture.

Features: pole frame construction, ‘fantasy’ buildings, recycled building materials (e.g. bricks, timber, windows), efficient lighting, extensive community gardens, drip irrigation for harvesting and cross ventilation for fresh air.



The Secret Garden is administered by the Northwest Disability Services.