Permaculture Sydney West - Supporting permaculturalists in the Western Sydney Region.


Geofeat International - The Geofeat initiative is a global undertaking to provide individuals with the opportunity to source products, share resources and participate in projects that are green, Eco-friendly and organic by connecting with other like-minded businesses and individuals from around the world.

Kimbriki Eco Garden
 - Environmental education and organic gardening at Warringah Council's waste disposal facility.

Permaculture Institute
 - A non-profit organisation involved in global networking and practical training of environmental activists.


Emergency and Disaster Information Service  - Keep up to date with climate change going on around the world in live time.


Complete Guide To Recycling & Donating Used Clothes - There are plenty of products that can be recycled to aid in improving the eco system. This includes common materials such as glass, paper, cardboard and plastic. However, it's also possible to recycle fabrics, including clothes.

NEW LINK Harvest Trails and Markets NSW - Harvest Trails and Markets exists to keep farmers in the Sydney basin farming. As a not-for-profit community incorporated organisation, HTM helps connect producers directly with consumers to give growers an alternative distribution channel to the central market. 


Harvest Trails and Markets began as Hawkesbury Harvest in 2000 by a small group of passionate people from a diverse range of backgrounds. As different as they were, they were united by a love of the Hawkesbury region and its agricultural heritage. Hawkesbury Harvest was a way to promote healthy diets, to spread the word about the abundance of locally produced food, the seasonal beauty of the area and the importance of keeping agriculture – particularly food production – in the Sydney Basin.


Australian Gene Ethics Network - International coverage of genetic engineering issues.

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture - National Association for Sustainable Agriculture provides certification for organic growers and information on organic products.

The Seed Savers Network
 - Operates an Australia-wide seed bank.


Organic Gardener - Great Australian website on how-to, plant, grow and maintain an organic garden with fantastic recipes and Eco- living ideas.


Organic Federation of Australia - is the only fully representative National Organic Body in Australia, and includes all sectors of the industry: Certifiers, horticulture, broadacre agriculture, meat production, wholesalers, exporters, retailers, consumers, processors, IFOAM, inspectors, regional organisations, education and research. 



Alternative Technology Association- A community based, not for profit environment group, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) promotes sustainable lifestyles, in particular renewable energy and water conservation.  ATA is a national organisation, with members' groups meeting in each state and territory.

Department of Climate Change - the world's first government agency dedicated to cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES)
 - exists to promote scientific, social and economic development through the environmentally sound utilization of solar energy.

Department of Energy Technology (CSIRO) - looking at ways in which the generation and consumption of energy and power affects Australia and Australians.


ReNew - A do-it-yourself sustainability magazine.


Sanctuary- Modern Green homes.


The Solar Decathlon - An international annual competition that challenges teams from universities to design build and operate solar powered houses that are cost effective, energy efficient and attractive.



Earth Building Research Forum - Established by the University of Technology, Sydney, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building.

NSW Federation of Housing Associations - Provides affordable rental housing to people on low to moderate incomes, housing over 10,000 households all across New South Wales, Australia.

Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow, Straw Bale Construction - STRAWTEC -  Specialising in the building of healthy, environmentally friendly and energy efficient houses, emphasising sustainability and permaculture principles.

Your Home - Australian Greenhouse Office guidelines for environmental home design.


Inhabitat - Sustainable design, news and ideas. 


HORTICULTURE -  Nationally Recognised Qualification (certificate II).


Through The Social Engagement And Learning Partnership Program At Western Sydney University We Engaged Students To Help  Gain An Insight Into The Current Western Sydney University Community's Knowledge And Understanding Of Sustainability. We Would Like To Achieve This By Looking At Any Results And/Or Involvement Of Western Sydney University Students In Sustainability Related Events.

The Video Below Is A Result: