Our charter

  " We are committed to the principle that the needs of current generations on Earth, must be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We promote and support the sustainable use of land, appropriate use of technologies for production and human settlement and the development of self reliant and self responsible local communities. EarthCare is a focus and gathering place for people working and learning together to achieve responsible stewardship of the Earth."  




Our aim is to increase awareness of the need for people everywhere on the planet to begin living sustainably NOW. We are developing the centre as a place where information about sustainable living practices and the opportunity to gain skills are available to all.

Projects and Activities

-Seminar's on sustainable living practices - Workshops and interactive learning programmes - Lending and reference library - Organic vegetable gardening - Organic seed bank - Organic food cooperative - Educational site tours - Alternative building tours and visits -

Partnership with Regional Centre of             Excellence - Western Sydney University

See how sustainable design is beautiful and can also serve as a "living laboratory" for practical, sound and feasible education.